dimanche 17 janvier 2010

Article Summary #5: Why Google has played the China situation brilliantly

This article has caught my attention as I spend some years in China. When I lived there, I witnessed the Chinese Government control on Internet. Indeed, China is a country that is still strongly ruled and Internet is regularly censored.

This governmental censure does not represent a problem for Chinese people, but for foreigners, it does. Indeed, in the Western mentalities, freedom of expression is a right and has to present on Internet. Censure is considered as the symbol of an authoritarian system.

Censure on Internet leads to information distortion, what has a really negative impact on business. Indeed, business is based on information and trust.

By threating China to give up the market, Google underlines those bad impacts on business and dissuades foreign companies and investors to make business with China.

China had better to consider Google call to order if it wants to keep its economical increase.

1 commentaire:

  1. I definitely like the game of Google, Internet and search engine should be synonymous of freedom, information and search not about "HEAVY CONTROL". Does China give some breath to Goole? I really hope, next episode coming soon!