dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Article Summary #6: People believe that airlines should charge Fat Tax

I found this article really interesting because depicts what could become a trend in the T&T industry.

Indeed, we know that the number of obese people increases each year and it concerns now all the countries in the world (before, western countries were mostly concerned, now, even Asia is reached)

I do not know if the "Fat-Tax" is a fair measure or not but what is sure is that obese people will be likely to be considered as abnormal passengers. It can be considered in a way as a kind of discrimination.

On the other hand, airline companies could catch the opportunity to develop services adapted to obese people, such as larger seats, more copious meal, etc...

As a conclusion, we can ask ourselves if all people with specfic characteristics could raise new opportunities. That is to say, will airline companies create special airplanes for blind people in which everything would be written in Braille?

Are new segments raising? Let's see what will happen.

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  1. Hi Amamda,

    Your article's comments raise really good insights on the implication of airline companies taxing fat people. I totally agree when you say that those with particularity like blind or fat people constitute a niche, however, I doubt of the profitability of such businesses. It might cause the feeling that everyone has to feet into one category when travelling. For me, the solution is rather to help them feel more comfortable about themselves,(at least try) by not accentuating their singularity. Otherwise, if company really want to focus and to make profit out of it, they simply should base their rates on clients weight, idea that I found it pretty ridiculous but feasible.