jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Article Summary #3 : Hotel chains try new ways to earn loyalty

I have chosen this article because I was interested in seeing how hotels try to fight the economical crisis.

Because of that difficult context and customers' new expectations, hotels have to adapt. And as competition is harder and harder, they have to find a way to differentiate from each others. As we saw in class, some hotel brands, such as Morgans hotel group, have chosen to use visual creativity on their website to attract mostly young people and customers looking for trendy experiences.

But those investments cost a lot and hotels are compelled to reduce their income in order to propose customers low price services. To remain attractive, most hoteliers have chosen to spare money on their structure. That means that they reorganize themselves in order their costs to be as low as possible.

Working conditions suffer from this trend and employees have to cope with job insecurity. Hoteliers had better to find a new way to catch customers'loyalty if they want to be able to fulfil the latters'needs. The hospitality industry is likely to be in transition for the next few years.

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dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Reverse Auction Site

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Article Summary #2: MeetGreen releases sustainability report

I have chosen to analyze this article because I am really interested in sustainable development and I achieved a research paper in sustainable development applied in hospitality. This article is the occasion for me to improve my previous knowledge on that field.

It is important to remind that the hospitality industry is the second more polluting industry in the world. As people get more and more aware of the climate changes and their catastrophic impact on the Earth, all actors try to reduce the negative consequences of their activities on environment.

A new kind of companies emerged. Their goal is to help other companies to act responsively and to reduce their carbon emissions. Studies have been elaborated in order to find where carbon emissions come from and how to reduce them as much as possible.

By having first analazed every step of a conference or an event organization, those advice companies are now able to organize events that low carbon producers. They involve all the actors linked to the hospitality industry in this fight for the environment protection.