lundi 29 mars 2010

Article Summary #11: Death of the travel brochure as travelers opt for online reviews

This article illustrates well the new trend in term of travel information.

Indeed, nowadays, customers trust more other customers' comments that travel agencies'brochures. As swindles are more and more common, customers cannot trully rely on what travel agencies offer.

This phenomenon shows that customers have the power to take part to a travel industry actor's development or drop. All the stakeholders of the travel industry had better to be very careful and pamper all their customers, without any discrimination of purchasing power or social class.

Indeed, the richest as the poorest can send bad comment about your services...

2 commentaires:

  1. I actually think this will have a huge impact on business" services' quality. Now that people can comment everything and that transparency is everywhere business will really need to offer a better quality of service and to be much more attentive to their clients!