samedi 17 avril 2010

Article Summary #13: Ash cloud from Island paralyzes European airplaine traffic

new environmental event had occured in Island and has a strong impact on the European transport industry.

Indeed, a volcano strarted to emitt ash clouds that wind push towards Europe. Airports all over Europe are closed, what is dramatical for people because of Easter vacations.

People are compelled to find other ways to travel, such as train, boats or cars. The travel indursty's actors have to adapt quickly to this situation and have to propose new solutions to customers.

In France, the situation is worst since train traffic dealts with strikes.

How the travel industry will undergo this event? let's see what happen...

3 commentaires:

  1. There is an advantage for hoteliers: clients have to stay longer in the hotel; for example, in the hotel where I'm working, our occupancy ratio remains high thanks to the closing of airports. It is due to the fact that the paralyzis has started when our hotel was fully booked. Usually, it is the hotels closed to airport which benefit from a high TO.
    It is also a good advantage for inhabitants closed to airports who enjoy now the silence!

  2. Yes indeed Pauline hotels are overbooked thnaks to the airports closure. It is also a good advantage for bus and car rent companies they are fully booked. However, this event is a desaster for tourists. Yesterday on the news they mentioned that most of the french tourists were blocked in the USA, with no place no sleep because the price of the hotels went up and most of them don't have any rooms left. Hoping that the situation gets better

  3. THX for the post on the current situation