samedi 28 novembre 2009

Article Summary #1 : Hotel Franchise Model is Dead! Hoteliers Complain.

I have chosen this topic because we had some franchising courses last year and I found interesting to see how franchising does work in the hospitality industry.

The article tackles with the problems hotels meet with franchising nowadays. Indeed, according to the author, franchise methods in hotels are old-fashioned. They do not fit nowadays' guests expectation. I found that particularly interesting, as we saw in class that customers' expectations had changed and require now a new strategy to reach them effectively.

Appart from the fact hoteliers find franchising fees to expensive, the real problem raised is the marketing imposed to hotels that is too limited. But nowadays, hotels need to differenciate from competitors thanks to their marketing strategy. To impose the same marketing model (brochure, basic website, ...) is no more relevant. Guests are looking for originality and innovation.

I think hotels had better to understand customers' new ways to choose and to adapt their tools according to that.

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  1. Pandora, I find the article that you chose very interesting. Indeed, we understand that customers want to experience new things and they need to feel that they are sort of unique and special. However, if they go to a franchised hotel, it will be similar to the other franchises. I think that even it is a franchise hotel, it need to differentiate from its other franchise partners. Maybe hotel franchising can be still developed but they need to improve their marketing tools and find a special atmosphere which differs from other previous franchisees.